Meter Keys In Conjunction with FT&T Security Locksmiths

Meter Box Padlock

padlock5The most commonly used lock for Meter Boxes in regional NSW.

It has an 8mm brass shackle with a green ring to let the Meter Readers know that their master key will fit it.

All locks come with one key, more can be ordered if you wish. Note that these are “Restricted Keys” that cannot be duplicated. This is for your property protection.

Cost is just


(including secure delivery statewide)

To order – Call

1300 736 236 

Please have a copy of your power bill handy when you call – there’s some numbers we need on it!

If Essential Energy is your network provider – this is the lock for you!

If you are unsure who your network provider is – check the faults and emergencies section on your power bill. Essential Energy’s # is 13 20 80