Meter Keys In Conjunction with FT&T Security Locksmiths


This is where Locksmiths across NSW are able to login and access components so they can service their clients.

These products all use a registered, restricted plug and key from Australian Lock Co. The owner of this broach is Essential Energy. FT&T are the only Locksmiths able to access this product on behalf of Essential Energy under an exclusive  supply contract.

Under this contact FT&T can only supply completed cylinders to pre-approved, licenced locksmiths in NSW.

Pinning details for existing locks will be supplied if you need to service a lock for a customer – components, however, will not be supplied – just email , or give JD a call on 02 6555 6111.

Contact for further details as to locksmith requirements – Please note – You will need to be a bona-fide locksmith – and credentials will be checked – key cobbler’s and hardware stores need not even try!