Padlock shown: 83/45 Body, 25mm Brass shackle (Measured from top of body to underside of shackle)
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Std Padlocks

List Price: $55.45

 This is all you need for most (basic) meter boxes.

All locks are master keyed for the meter reader’s access, ONE user key is supplied with each lock.

Your Electricity Network provider has specified either Brass or Stainless Steel shackles for these locks. These materials are easier to cut in an emergency – Hardened shackles should not be used for these products for your own safety.

The green ID ring is an identifier for meter readers and emergency workers. It makes the job of identifying system locks easy.

These locks are SERVICEABLE. If you ever have issues with them, please take it along to your local Locksmith for service. Your Local Locksmith can call us for pinning details. Cut shackles CAN be replaced too!

Product Description

Padlock shown: 83/45 Body, 25mm Brass shackle (Measured from top of body to underside of shackle).

  • 45 mm solid machined brass lock body Std Padlock Size
  • Double ball locking
  • Brass or Stainless shackles
  • 25mm shackle as standard
  • 8 mm shackle diameter
  • Quick change shackle feature
  • Easily converted from snap shut to key captive function
  • Range of replacement shackles


Additional Information

Weight .39 kg


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    I love the fact that these locks are serviceable – in an age where everything is “throw away” it’s nice to find a product designed to be fixed.

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      Thanks for taking the time to comment. We’ve been using these for donkey’s years and appreciate the fact that our customers get great value for their money. Parts for these locks are carried by EVERY locksmith in Australia. Thanks – JD

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