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Kaba 7000 Series LEVER Set

$131.90 including GST

Entrance Set — Key locks/Unlocks outside Lever—Press button Locks/Unlocks inside
Storeroom Set — Key retracts latch —Inside Lever always free (Escape)
Classroom Set — Key locks/Unlocks outside Lever—Inside Lever always free

All These locksets are FIRE RATED when used with 70mm latch

COMPLIES WITH AS1428 – Access for people with disabilities.

It’s common for people to order the “Storeroom Function” Leverset with the fixed knob on the outside – better protection against vandals!



Entrance Set — Key locks/Unlocks outside Lever—Press button Locks/Unlocks inside
Storeroom Set — Key retracts latch —Inside Lever always free (Escape)
Classroom Set — Key locks/Unlocks outside knob—Inside Lever always free

All These locksets are FIRE RATED when used with 70mm latch

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Weight 1.58 kg